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Pamela J. Lincoln

Pamela J. (Pam) Lincoln is a member of the board of directors for the Space Force Association.

Pam has served over 30 years in the United States Air Force with various command and executive level leadership assignments at squadron, wing, Air Staff and combatant command assignments.  Her career spans intercontinental ballistic missiles, space operations, studies and analyses and human resource lifecycle management.

Pam has attended senior executive courses at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and Defense Acquisition University.  She holds a master of science degree in military studies from Air University and a masters of science in aviation management from Embry Riddle University.  She holds a bachelor of science degree in Information Systems from the University of Pittsburgh.  Pam currently serves as the Director, Space and Air Program Development at Systems Planning Analysis, Inc

Lang Eric Sundby

Lang Eric Sundby serves as the Government Liaison for the Space Force Association, where he led initiatives to create a Congressional Space Force Caucus and foster bipartisan support for the newest U.S. military branch. His experience includes running an international non-profit which assists in restitution of stolen, valuable cultural art pieces. He has taught aerospace sciences to students K-12, and has worked as an aide with a member of U.S. Congress and on a campaign for a Texas State Representative.

He holds a BA in Economics (University of Oklahoma), an MSc in Global Security (where his University of Glasgow thesis argued for the development of the Space Force) and a Graduate Certificate in Commercial Space Studies (Florida Institute of Technology). Eric’s professional interests lie in the uses and applications of space for defense and commercial purposes, with particular focus on strategic uses benefitting the United States and allies.

Sarah Mineiro

Sarah Mineiro currently works at Anduril Industries where she is responsible for space and missile strategy and business development. Sarah has worked within the national security and defense sector for over 15 years. Previously, Sarah was the Staff Lead for the Strategic Forces Subcommittee for the House Armed Service Committee (HASC). She led the Subcommittee’s legislative and oversight activities of all Department of Defense and Military Intelligence Program space programs, U.S. nuclear weapons, missile defense, directed energy, and hypersonic systems.

Sarah was the senior legislative advisor to Ranking Member Mac Thornberry on all strategic forces issues. In this role she was the primary drafter and negotiator of the Space Force and Space Command legislation for the House Republicans. Sarah has experience in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, served in the office of the Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs and started her career as an intelligence analyst for the National Air And Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).

Colonel William A. Woolf, USAF (Ret), President and Founder

Bill “Hippie” Woolf is a retired Air Force colonel and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Space Force Association. Bill is also the CEO of the Woolf Consulting Group, LLC. The Woolf Consulting Group provides strategic advisory services in space and multi-domain operations.

Col Woolf served over 24 years in the Air Force retiring in 2018. He is a career space and nuclear officer in high-impact operations, staff leadership, and technical program management positions, with peerless depth and breadth of experience in advanced space programs and Joint All-Domain Command and Control. Bill is a graduate of the United States Air Force Weapons School.

General Joseph L. Lengyel, USAF (Retired)

General Lengyel retired from the Air Force as a four-star General. His final military assignment was as the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, where he also served as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In this capacity, he was a military advisor to the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council and was the Department of Defense’s official channel of communication to the Governors and the State Adjutants General on all matters pertaining to the National Guard. As the most senior National Guard Officer in the nation, Lengyel was responsible to oversee the $28B Army and Air National Guard budgets making sure 450K members of the National Guard were trained and ready across the spectrum of all National Guard military capabilities.

Lengyel was commissioned in 1981 as a graduate of the ROTC program at the University of North Texas in Denton. He served at home and around the world primarily as an F-16 Fighter Pilot. In 1991, General Lengyel joined the Texas Air National Guard and simultaneously started a civilian career as a pilot for Delta Air Lines. General Lengyel held multiple commands in complex environments. Prior to serving at the National Guard Bureau, Lengyel was the Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché in Cairo, Egypt during the Arab Spring.

Now retired from both the Air Force, and from Delta Air Lines, he and his wife Sally reside in the Hill Country north of San Antonio, Texas. They have three grown children and three grandchildren.

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