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Space Innovation Talks (SIT)


Brian "Beam" Maue, GS-15, PhD

Co-Founder AFWERX

Mr. Maue uses "successful principles from across history, ranging from Silicon Valley to Sun Tzu, I had the good fortune of cofounding and leading the startup years of AFWERX's talented innovators from our 2017 inception until our 2020 ranking as the #16 Best Workplace for Innovators in the world* (*Fast Company’s evaluation of 865 organizations in 2020).

Achieving innovation success--or any quest for success--may be challenging, but it is not random. You can stack the odds in your favor. Many of AFWERX’s success-stacking approaches were harmoniously synthesized and applied within a new framework that I developed while guiding our evolution. This framework is known as the Factors Linking Organizational Will (FLOW) model, and I share insights on FLOW and The Will through postings here on LinkedIn, as well as in the book THE EXPERIMENT THAT SUCCEEDED: How a government startup beat Amazon, leveraged innovation history, and changed Air Force culture."

We will speak to Dr. Maue about how these approaches can assist in developing the Space Force culture. 


July 15, 2021 12:00PM (MDT) - July 15, 2021 1:00PM (MDT)


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