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About SFA Creator League
SFA Creator League

SFA and Unity Technologies have come together to bring you a different kind of gaming tournament. Instead of playing a game, we are challenging you to build one!

The SFA Creator League is a competition series that will build on the existing skills of Airmen and Guardians in the fields of game and application development. For individuals with little to no experience or an interest in honing their skill sets, competitors will have the opportunity to earn points by completing training modules provided through Unity Learn.

Who Can Participate In The SFA Creator League?

Everyone is welcome to compete. All teams are required to have at least one “Sponsor” on their team. Sponsors must be a member of the Department of Defense, Military Veteran or Military Retiree.

SFA Creator League Challenge 4: Definitely Not a Robot
Image generate by DALL-E! ... "Create an image of a robot with Groucho Goggles next to a small human".

Take this, it’s dangerous to go alone! Using AI/ML for game/application development…

Challenge 4: “Definitely Not a Robot” of the Space Force Association Creator League (SFACL) kicks off in June! The challenge? Use AI/ML for everything. The theme, coding, art…EVERYTHING.

AI/ML tools like ChatGPT are like having our own personal JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System – Iron Man/Tony Stark). As they become increasingly more capable day by day, users are leveraging them for everything from speech writing to website development. Even better, there are now native tools that can be used during the development process to create entire games or even generate on-demand content during gameplay.

For this challenge the goal is to encourage participants to become comfortable using these tools to enhance their game dev capabilities AND show they don’t need to go to stackoverflow for everything.

This challenge is open to EVERYONE, so join the fun and show us what you’ve got! REGISTER NOW.

Hear From SFACL Challenge One Judges And Participants
More about SFA Creator League

The tournament series consists of SIX (6) virtual challenges where teams will have TWO (2) weeks to complete an app or game prototype that conquers problems and challenges faced by today’s Airmen and Guardians. The first challenge kicked off in March of 2023. Winners of these challenges secure a spot at an invite-only in-person event held late 2023.

Competitors will have access to Unity Technology experts and be provided free training courses that put them on a path to receiving industry certifications.

One man army? Or a full squad of skilled creators? Competitors are able to compete as an individual or teams up to TEN (10) creators. Creators looking for a team are in luck! Our competition hosts a “Free Agent” feature where teams are able to pick up new teammates and a Discord community for communication between creators, event organizers and Unity experts.

Not military but want to compete? Find a sponsor! Join our Discord and we’ll link you up with a sponsor and/or team. Join here: SFACL DISCORD

SFA Creator League Sponsors
Sponsor the SFA Creator League.
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Put your company front and center by becoming a title sponsor or supporting sponsor. Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Opportunity to attend annual awards banquet
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  • Logo on event advertising
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  • Banner at in-person events, when applicable
  • Possible media coverage, when applicable
  • Logo placement on event swag, when applicable

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