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The space industry and USSF are moving full STEAM to Mars cultivating education and workforce development programs that prepare the new force and its complementary industry for innovation in the age of strategic competition. Learn more about SFA's education partnerships, how the USSF is working with Texas A&M University to develop space education programs, and how the art of human influence and creativity will put the "A" (arts) in STEAM programs that optimize the space industry and the Space Force for the future.

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Creating Space Professionals and Guardians

Michael "Ludes" Martindale, SFA Space Education Director, discusses the education programs SFA has cultivated to develop a top-notch space workforce

Colonel Nick Hague the First Guardian to Launch into Space

Rhonda Sheya, SFA VP of Public Relations, recaps a roundtable with Col. Hague discussing his upcoming mission to the International Space Station (ISS)

Space Force and State of Texas Advancing Research and Education

Brian Creighton, SFA Director of Staff, covers the recent partnership between the USSF and Texas A&M to develop space education programs

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