Spacepower Conference Special Edition

Relive the Spacepower Conference in the post-event special edition of SFA Magazine. Revisit Chief Master Sergeant John Bentivegna's keynote address and high-impact panels including USSF leaders. Indulge in commentary from Spacepower volunteers and exhibitors including Giuseppe Space and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, as well as a feature Q&A with Quasar Satellite Technologies

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Inside the Issue

CMSSF Highlights Space Force Achievements and Future Vision

A recap of Chief Master Sgt. of the Space Force John F. Bentivegna’s keynote address

Innovating To Over- come The Challenges Of Space Domain Awareness

Coverage of a Q & A session between SFA Editor Felicia Gooden and Quasar Satellite Technology’s CEO Phil Ridle

Top USSF Leaders Dis- cuss the Space Force of 2030

A recap of a USSF senior leader panel discussing the future of space operations for 2030

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