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The SFA Magazine, a publication of the Space Force Association (SFA), focuses on educating the public about the United States Space Force (USSF), its Guardians and their family members, ensuring that military and civilian leaders have the knowledge needed for critical decision-making, while providing information on programs and policies that affect military and industry leaders.

Featured Articles
  • SFA Hosts Space Warfighter Talk with Maj. Gen. Gagnon: A Discussion on Space Force Intelligence and Future Conflicts
    Explore the role of space readiness in modern warfare with Maj. Gen. Gregory Gagnon, Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Intelligence.
  • The Space Force Association Endorses the Space Force Legacy Guardian Recognition Act H.R.5071 – 118th Congress
    The Space Force Association (SFA) proudly announces its endorsement of the United States Code to authorize the Secretary of the Air Force to designate certain separated members of the Air Force as honorary separated members of the Space Force.
  • SFA President Bill Woolf moderates Webinar on Collaborative Endeavors of Quadrilateral Space Force
    Delve into the insights from a crucial webinar that underscores the evolving partnership, mutual security, and technological strides achieved through public-private cooperation in the space domain. Uncover the shared endeavors to ensure peace, prosperity, and stability in space, and witness how like-minded nations and their commercial counterparts inspire each other’s growth and innovation.
  • A Strategic Imperative For Space Superiority: Responsive Spacelift
    In the space domain, the United States Space Force must recognize the need for rapid reconstitution and augmentation of space-based capabilities to maintain an advantage. This article explores the concept of the OODA Loop and its application in space operations, the challenges of responsive spacelift, and the importance of proactive on-orbit reconstitution. It also delves into a brief historical perspective of launch systems, the future considerations for operability and resiliency, and why rapid force reconstitution in space should be a critical national priority.
  • Hon. Frank Calvelli Focuses on Space Acquisition Speed and Training
    Honorable Frank Calvelli, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, emphasizes the need for speed in space acquisition and integration to transform space architecture into a more diversified, proliferated, and resilient system.
  • Cultivating the Guardian Spirit of Mission Command
    Culture is inevitable. It will develop whether we make it a focus or not; therefore, we must be intentional. An organization’s culture is a collection of normalized values, expectations, and behaviors dictated by the unit’s roles and responsibilities. Culture shapes how we execute the mission. The U.S. Space Force’s culture is under construction. Our senior leaders are prioritizing its development as we look to advance our lethality through more creative leadership approaches like mission command.

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