Space Force Association to Host Guardian Industry Nights July 27-28th – US Space Force Association
US Space Force Association

Space Force Association will host the Guardian Industry Nights (GINs) Conference July 27-28th at Peterson Space Force Base (Colorado Springs, Colorado). GINs two-night conference will provide one-of-a-kind engagement opportunities between Guardians, industry leaders, partners, and policymakers. GINs Conference offers targeted programming to inspire constructive conversations and collaboration to advance the Space Force as the dominant spacepower leader.

“Colorado Springs is a key location for Space Force Operations and Training. Through GINs 2022, we can bring together Guardians and industry to inform and advocate for the current and future needs of the United States Space Force.” Dr. David Hansen, Colorado Springs SFA chapter president.

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Event Theme And Agenda

The event’s theme is “Who is a Delta and what do they do?”. Participants will gain insight into each Delta within the USSF, how each Delta contributes to the overall mission, and issues that affect the success of completing day-to-day operations.

The tentative agenda is:

• July 27, 2022
o 5:00 – 5:30 pm: Happy hour and check-in
o 6:00 – 6:30 pm: Networking/booths
o 6:00 – 6:30 pm: TBD panel
o 6:30 – 6:45 pm: Senior Leadership call to action
o 6:45 – 8:30 pm: Networking/booths

• July 28, 2022
o 5:00 – 5:30 pm: Happy hour and check-in
o 5:30 – 5:45 pm: Senior Leadership call to action
o 5:45 – 6:15 pm: Industry talk about trends
o 6:15 – 8:30 pm: Networking/booths

Sponsorship Opportunities

This two night event (July 27-28, 2022) allows for collaboration across the military and industry to identify and form of trends, with a focus on building a strong and capable Space Force. As a sponsor, you will receive the benefits of direct communication with Guardians and industry, providing insight into your evolving technology and how that technology can meet current and future needs of the USSF.

Several different GINs sponsorship packages are available that provide the opportunity for an organization to interact directly with Guardians. Our three tiers offer sponsors options to participate in the GINs 2022 event.

• Gold: Gold is the metal and color many individuals identify with spacecraft. Sponsors of the highest tier of sponsorship for GIN 2022 are at the center of the event. This tier provides organizations with direct interaction with Guardians and other industry members while providing a prominent display of their branding.

• Titanium: Titanium is the strong and lightweight metal used to provide durable components for spacecraft. Just like the remarkable properties of titanium, the organizations in the second sponsorship tier are the companies that contribute to the long-lasting technology used by the USSF. This tier provides organizations with direct interaction with Guardians and other industry members during the GINs 2022 event.

• Aluminum: Aluminum is the material that ensures stability across the environment. Sponsors that select this package to ensure the stability of the local chapter to provide the means to advocate, inform, and research for the USSF.

To inquire about sponsorship please contact Mr. Dave Hansen. For more information on all other SFA sponsorship opportunities, visit our sponsorship page.

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