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Sarah Mineiro

Sarah Mineiro currently works at Anduril Industries where she is responsible for space and missile strategy and business development. Sarah has worked within the national security and defense sector for over 15 years. Previously, Sarah was the Staff Lead for the Strategic Forces Subcommittee for the House Armed Service Committee (HASC). She led the Subcommittee’s legislative and oversight activities of all Department of Defense and Military Intelligence Program space programs, U.S. nuclear weapons, missile defense, directed energy, and hypersonic systems.

Sarah was the senior legislative advisor to Ranking Member Mac Thornberry on all strategic forces issues. In this role she was the primary drafter and negotiator of the Space Force and Space Command legislation for the House Republicans. Sarah has experience in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, served in the office of the Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs and started her career as an intelligence analyst for the National Air And Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).