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Petty GMS US Space Force Car featured at Martinsville Speedway this past weekend


SFA President Bill Woolf commented Sunday, “With 75 million NASCAR fans, there is no better way to inform America about the United States Space Force than to put it on a car. SFA is honored to be showcased on the same car to let people know they can support the Space Force by becoming a member. We can’t all be members of the Space Force, but we can all join the Space Force Association.”

Space Force Association Celebrates Third Anniversary


Space Force Association (SFA) is celebrating its Three Year Anniversary in October. SFA is the only independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as a professional military association whose sole focus is supporting the United States Space Force and its Guardians.

SFA’s Global Space University awards first 100 Space Certifications


Through academic and knowledge validation, GSU has awarded their first 100 Space Professional I and Space Professional II Level Certifications to students from all backgrounds and industries related to space research, exploration, military, and professional services.

STARCOM HQ Location Selection Process is in Review


The Space Force Association (SFA) believes that the process of bidding on the location for STARCOM HQ should be open and fair to all states. Permitting more states to house SF Bases and Deltas allows for additional congressional representatives and senators, as well as, states and municipalities to learn more about the mission and necessity of Space Force Operations.

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