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Global Space University awards first 100 Space Professional Certifications

The Global Space University (GSU) is part of a new effort by the Space Force Association (SFA) to help the U.S. and its allies achieve superior national spacepower by shaping a Space Force that provides credible deterrence in competition, dominant capability in combat, and professional services for all partners.

Through academic and knowledge validation, GSU has awarded their first 100 Space Professional I (CSP-1) and Space Professional II (CSP-2) Certifications to students from all backgrounds and industries related to space research, exploration, military, and professional services.

Through the creation of the Global Space University, the Space Force Association provides online space training and certification programs under the National Spacepower Center (NSC) and its Space Education Training Center (SETC). “By developing innovative space training, we raise the global standards of excellence for all space professionals.” SFA Founder Bill Woolf (Col. USAF, ret.) said.

He continued by stating, “GSU provides synergy, collaboration, and extraordinary opportunities for space professionals looking to advance their careers. This powerful partnership brings cost-effective, cutting-edge training to space personnel and enthusiasts worldwide. The commercial and military space sectors have become more intertwined and vital to success in this critical warfighting domain.”

One of the first GSU Space Professional I graduates commented, “The course rounded out my understanding of the key issues with operating in space and building and operating spacecraft. The information complemented my previous knowledge of space. I feel confident I can speak knowledgeably on space and use the knowledge to expand business development opportunities.”

Global Space University
About GSU’s Space Professional Certification Program

The mission of Global Space University is to raise and normalize standards for space professionals and validate knowledge, skills, and experience as a practitioner in the space domain. The Certification Programs verify credentials and establish credibility in a rapidly growing, exciting, and diverse field. GSU certifications provide clients and partners with the confidence that certified space professionals meet stringent professional standards and demonstrate commitment to continuous education, training, experiential learning, and interaction.

Space Professional Certification

Certification for Space Professional I is an entry-level certification for those with up to 5 years of space domain experience. These professionals demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the Space Environment: Orbital Mechanics, Spacecraft Maneuvering, Payloads, and Subsystems.

Space Professional II certification is the next-level certification of space domain experience. These professionals demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and application as a Space Professional I and the Space Mission Design Process; Satellite Communication; Remote Sensing and Position; Navigation; and Timing systems.

Certification courses are available to individuals or through participating employers. To learn more about Global Space University courses, criteria, and other offerings, visit https://globalspaceuniversity.org/.

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